Ac source frequency pspice

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Bode plotsof a frequency response. The first parameter after the keyword DEC is the number of points per decade to calculate. This is followed by the lowest frequency value in Hz, then the highest frequency value in Hz..AC DEC 50 1kHz 100kHz; 50 points/decade over 2 decades. I need to do a transient analysis of my BJT cascode amplifier. I was asked to use VPULSE as the source. I need to set VPULSE for +-10mV, 50% duty cycle square wave at 128 kHz with rise time and fall time of 10 ns. In PSPICE, I had set the VPULSE's attribute as. V1=-0.01 V2 = 0.01 TR = 10ns TF = 10ns PW = 3.90625u PER = 7.8125u. One example in which an AC analysis is used to determine the frequency response of a circuit is the notch filter, which attenuates a narrow band of unwanted frequencies. To set up an AC analysis, a PSpice simulation profile needs to be created. AC markers can be used to display dB magnitude, phase, group delay, and the real and imaginary parts.

Ac source frequency pspice

Mar 11, 2006 · "VSIN" isn't an AC source, it's a sine wave voltage source. Use part "VAC" (although you can still use "VSIN" but add AC=1 in the selections). Also make sure your.AC calls the source by its _reference_name_! 우리나라의 상용전원이 AC 220V, 60Hz 인 것처럼. 회로 시뮬레이션을 하다보면 교류전원을 공급하는 경우가 많습니다. 간단히 "VSIN" 이라는 전원소스를 사용하는 방법과 VSIN 을 사용하는 간단한 회로의 시뮬레이션을 해 보겠습니다.VSIN 은 "Place Part "를 클릭한 후, 설정창에 "VSIN "을 입력하면. The next line calls for a 100 point frequency sweep from 1 Hz to 100 Hz..AC LIN 100 1 100HZ The following example performs an AC analysis for each value of cload, which results from a linear sweep of cload between 1 pF and 10 pF (20 points), sweeping frequency by 10 . ac source frequency pspice

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