F zero x expansion kit rom

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F-Zero X Expansion Kit Summary: This Japan-only add-on disk opens up 12 new tracks and two new features slumbering in F-Zero X: a car editor and a track editor. Jul 16, 2005 · This program is a self-contained Windows executable that can load any version (North American, Japanese or European/PAL) of the F-Zero X ROM in either format (byte-swapped V64 or normal binary Z64) and allow you to configure the cups to your every whim; including the ability to add the Expansion Kit tracks in for play. Mar 16, 2015 · F-Zero X USA supports the Expansion Kit with a simple hack, Jimmy130 made it possible. However nothing can be done for the EUR version, it seemed. And for flashcarts, I assume that the 64drive may be able to do this, but that's not my expertise.

F zero x expansion kit rom

f zero x expansion kit rom

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