Navy sit rep criteria

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DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS 2000 NAVY PENTAGON WASHINGTON, D.C. 20350-2000 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY OPNAVINST F3100.6J CH-2 N3/N5 OPNAV INSTRUCTION F3100.6J CHANGE TRANSMITTAL 2 From: Chief of Naval Operations Subj: SPECIAL INCIDENT REPORTING (OPREP-3 PINNACLE, OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE, AND OPREP-3 NAVY . To be eligible, personnel must fulfil the following criteria: They must be in regular service. Those serving in the Royal Navy must have been accepted onto trained strength. Army and RAF personnel must have completed two years service from the date of enlistment and . The US Navy's F-35C has been scheduled to reach initial operational capability (IOC) in 2018 since at least 2013. The odds of that happening appear increasingly low. In order for the Navy to officially say that the F-35C is ready for combat missions, it must Read all of "US Navy's F-35C 'at risk' of missing 2018 IOC declaration"».

Navy sit rep criteria

The Naval Safety Center has revised mishap-reporting requirements to include all injuries and illnesses, including military off-duty and motor vehicle injuries, which prevent personnel from.

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