S 5 maps poser s figures

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Creating Templates for Figures with Multiple Texture Maps - Poser Tutorial. Home» Tutorials» Poser Tutorial Directory» Creating Templates for Figures This tutorial describes how to use UV Mapper Classic (free version) or UV Mapper Professional to create templates for models that have multiple texture maps. It's an unusual question, since Poser figures would already be rigged and weighted. and most poser figures (pre poser 9) work in Carrara. Normally imported content is Protected from users breaking rigging or morphs,. but you could simply import the OBJ and rig that in Carrara. Any vertex object in Carrara can be rigged and weight mapped. This zip contains 5 poser props intended for Poser Pro and Poser 5. The texture maps included are tileable images 1024x1024. You may use this images in other projects as well. Poser 4 users will need to convert the 1 bump jpeg into a bum file, Everything else will work for poser 4.

S 5 maps poser s figures

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