Ts3 navy rank icons

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Thema: Selber Teamspeak (TS3) icons erstellen und bilder in Icons umwandeln mit Hilfe von Paint oder Photoshop Tutorial in Deutsch (GER HD) Alle Infos in d. Nov 19, 2010 · The idea is Rather simple when you join any of the police channels you will get a icon and a rank as long as you are in the police channels here is an Example with the Icons Plus the ranks SAPD Cadet Only TeamSpeak manager or TeamSpeak leaders can set the SAPD Chief rank Ofc the ranks can have more rights that can be discussed Any Idea's. To access icons that will appear to everyone on the server just right click on your server name in the TS3 client when logged in as Server Admin and you will see "View Icons". Click "Upload" locate your custom 16px x 16px image (png, gif, jpg) and click "Open". You will see your icon under the "remote" side of the Icons .

Ts3 navy rank icons

ts3 navy rank icons

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